What we do

We provide effective and innovative soloutions to problems both brands and companies face. This is our singluar aim for existing. It has helped us provide and maintain the highest quality service possible to our clients.

What We Offer

What we offer

Our services range from creating a complete brand identity to creating physical products with various printers around the world and everything in between:

  • Animations

  • We have create awesome animations. Have a look at the Afrimoji project.

  • Brand Identity

  • We help brands project the image they want, from their logo to their stationary. Have a look at Ninety One Productions.

  • Digital

  • We beautiful websites that give brands the online presence they want. We also create illustrations for apps and the digital world. See the SGB Characters project and Nigerian Autistic Society project.

  • Logos

  • Before we create a logo, we study a clients design requirement questionnaire and industry, so we can produce a stand out solution. Take a look at our Logos page in the work section.

  • Print

  • We have made some intresting animations have a look at the Animation page. See our printed wedding stationary for Adetutu&Sokari and also embroidered caps as part of our branding. See SGB Global.

Our Process

How we work

Our creative team work closely with our clients on every project, making key decisions together. Most projects start with a design requirement questionnaire, followed by brain storming ideas and coming up with multiple creative directions before we arrive at the final product. Sometimes its a stand alone idea or a mixture of elements of various ideas. The main aim is does the final product solve the problem, if yes everyone is happy.

Sofiri Braide Founder

Our story

SGB Global is a creative agency based in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. The company was founded by Sofiri Gary Braide, a computer science graduate from the Univeristy of Reading. During his time at Reading, he learnt how to create posters for events and parites for his friends. Once he got his first paying client, he knew he had an opportunity to start a part-time business. It was this passion that gave birth to The SGB Entertainment Company Limited in 2011. The sole focus then was on the entertainment industry in an around Berkshire.

Five years later, the old company became SGB Global, no longer a supplier for the entertainment industry but now a creative branding agency for all sectors of industry. Our team is very small but efficient, effective and highly productive. Our target is not to be the biggest creative branding agency but to provide our clients with soloutions that would boost in their businesses record the returns they expect

SGB Global Client Map

Client list

We have worked with clients on 3 continents and various sectors.

2506 Global
Black God
Chilois Agro
Collins Ajanaku
Count Dantez

The Grove School
Just One Foundation
Kensvaio Charity Foundation
Kitenge Clothing
Laundbeaurette Village
Lorie Noire
Nigerian Autistic Society
Ninety One Productions
Only Bad Losers Allowed

Pas À Pattes
Sofiri Braide
Sovadeor Photography
Track Record Initiative