SGB Global is an experienced creative design and brand strategy agency based in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

We work with industry leaders and startup alike, providing solutions with the use of creativity and innovation. We work on projects around the globe.


Staying creative and keeping it fresh. New ideas in a saturated market would always pique the interest of your target audicence. Rehashing soloutions would not only bore your audience but would cripple your revenue stream.


Creating new soloutions is one thing, knowing when to use it is a brand new chapter. Not every new idea would work today, but utilizing a new soloution tomorrow would make more of an impact. It is our job to predict the behaviour of people and guide them with the right advertising. Sometime using only a part of a soloution is all you need to keep your brand fresh.


No matter how creative or innovative an idea might be, if it does not solve the problem it is pointless. That is why solving problems both businesses and individuals face is a core part of us. We are happy to share the burden, working together to meet a commom target.